For a recent assignment, I had to write an epic poem and whilst poetry is most definitely not my forte, this turned out to be really fun! 

A gift: from one brother to another
The fair Persephone, daughter of Zeus
The King of the Gods; ruler of the sky.
Stolen from her mother: her choice, her child.
Persephone lies amongst the flowers
A friend sits before her, moss braided hair
Woven with the whitest of the petals.
A clap of thunder and rumble of earth
Carves a fracture in the dirt at bare feet.
A carcade of chariots; stallions
Black and gaunt in the pale morning sun
And upon them rides the darkest of Gods:
Hades, oh Great King of the Underworld!
Struck by Cupid’s blind arrow, he searches
For Persephone, oh so enchanted.
The chariots thunder and she is swept
Into the arms of her betrothed, into
The arms of her captor, her kidnapper.
A scream tears from her throat. Hands reach and grasp
Demeter’s ears pierce with the sound:
The scream of her one true love, her daughter.
A flame, she carries. Ever-burning as
She roams the earth for her lost girl.
Not once does a single bite pass her lips
Not until her Persephone is found.
From above there comes a call; the God of
Sun and light. “Demeter, I have seen your
Girl, she rides with Hades beneath the earth.”
A scream tears from within, sinking to her
Knees. She splays her hands upon the earth and
Screams: “The earth shall starve for nothing shall grow
For as long as my girl lives below”.
True to her word, the earth did wilt and brown,
Power of nature curled within her fist
Until Zeus called upon his dark brother
“I made a mistake, please let the girl go.”
“Oh brother, I will abide” But Hades,
Ever sly, slips three pomegranate seeds
Past his Persephone’s crimson lips.
She returns to life above the ground, and
Into her mother’s arms, to be held tight.
“My girl, please say that nothing passed your lips
For as long as you resided below”
“Just three seeds; simply pomegranate seeds”.
Hot fire rages in her Mother’s stomach
And she vows yet again to damn the earth
“Now you must remain, my darling. You may
Never reside above the land for good.”
Persephone collapses to the ground,
Her body wracked with sobs, until Zeus, her
Father places a large hand upon her frame.
“Persephone, darling, there is a way
Out. You consumed just these three seeds? You must
Only spend three months of the year below
This earth. The rest you may live as you please.”