So we’re going with something a little different this time. This blog is intended to be an odd little collection of pieces, after all. 

For a unit on my Creative and Media Writing degree, I was tasked with modernising a fairy tale, myth or legend. I was pretty pleased with my end result, so thought that I’d share. 

The girl with the bow stood alone in the park. A lull of silence had crept over the darkened playground as the last of the children trailed home just as streetlights flickered to life, warnings from mothers flitting around their minds. A young man was the only one to remain. He sat alone on a swing, one earphone wedged in his ear, his breath clouding in the sharp air. From her place amidst a cluster of trees, the entire park was visible. The tall trees and their spindling branches cast shadows across the snow dusted grass. It was in one of these shadows that she crouched; waiting.

She had been watching him; for days, weeks. He was the one. The one she had been sent for. Her thin fingers ran up and down the cold metal of the arrow as she tested the weight in her hand. It clicked into place against the bow as she raised it, the bow string cutting deep into her numbed fingers.

She released the string and watched the silver of the arrow slice through the dark as it found its target; the shoulder of the man on the swing, whose forlorn gaze was fixated on a dark haired girl now bustling quickly through the park, her head down, coat clasped tightly around her shivering frame. As the arrow connected, he seemed to snap from his trance, making his way towards the girl, a look on his face as if he wasn’t entirely sure why, or where exactly the courage had come from.

Her face relaxed as she recognised him, a smile tugging at the corners of her mouth as they met. She lifted up onto her toes, fingers grasping the hair at the nape of his neck as their lips pressed together. Not quite sure what had possessed her, she pulled away, embarrassed, only to be drawn back against him. “You have no idea how long I’ve wanted to do that.” He breathed against the top of her dark head.

The girl with the bow smiled contently and drew back into the shadows, the heavy weight of her wings curling around herself, hugging her body and concealing her from view.